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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Huge Increase in Hillary's Negatives Changing Presidential Race * Chinese/Muslim Lack of Free Speech

While a spineless twit with a gun shot up a school in Virginia and became bigger news than Sanjaya, men and women were working hard to lead our country. Others are working hard to become leaders.

News: Huge Increase in Hillary's Negatives Changing Presidential Race

What are negative ratings, and why are they important? It is something if people love you, and give you a positive score. However, if they hate you, this matters too.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, the issue causes concern. She's been loved, and only a few really, truly, didn't like here. It also means the middle ground is making up their minds. Finally, it means Barack Obama is seeing things come around.

Nothing is over. It just means things are starting to begin, and get closer to reality.

Other news: US: Iranians Aid Iraqi Sunni Car Bombers

One story worth following: Yahoo sued for providing data on Chinese dissidents

Why? Freedom of speech. No one this side of freedom thinks China is an open country that loves freedom. They killed free speakers for years. It comes around here because if I said, "China's leadership craps out bricks used in the Great Wall," they might have issues. When Muslims lost their peaceful perspective when the cartoons of their enscandaled leader were published, we saw a taste of how deadly closed minded people could be.

Our next president needs to figure this out, or our constitution will become meaningless.

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