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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mike Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President

This falls into the 'you gotta be kidding' category. Mike's got pluck, but, in this case, the brains of a duck.

Maybe he has Rudy Giuliani - Hillary Clinton lust. No, not in the way John Edwards would smirk at, but in the way that he's the only leading New Yorker (OK, Hillary's an import, we know, but no one cares) without a White House run. Stephen Forbes had a shot, but not Mikey.

Mikey wants some too.

Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will A Hillary Clinton Presidency Be The End of the World?

The end of the world as we know it. That's the summation of many people's view if Hillary Clinton is elected. I say no.


A similar crying was heard when George Bush was re-elected, and in his second election, captured more popular votes that Reagan, Clinton, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy. He beat them all. And, the world did not end.

What will change? Nothing. Lots of "A new era for women," hogwash. True, yes, but significant? No. If she's a bad president, it'll not be anything new. We aren't voting in a gender, we are voting in a president.

Just look at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as an example. We cheered that a woman was now in the office of Speaker of the House. Male dominated until then. She's not as useless as "Year of the Woman" Carol Mosely Braun, but Democrats are hardly enamored with her incompetence. George Bush still gets what he wants, and the Dems no longer have Denny Hastert to kick around.

Take a look deeper at Hillary. Those who hate her, like those who hate Bush, hate her, in part, because she leads a machine that gets things done. Granted, just like comrade Barack Obama, she's been doing more running for president than serving as a state senator, but laziness, unintelligence, and ineffectiveness are not part of her lifestyle. Type A, not a slacker. Like Chicago's Daley machine, things would work.

There are real issues, like her views, to consider. However, she will not create more abortions, impact capital punishment either way, smoke pot, and scandals with pages and interns? You gotta be kidding.

Hillary's smart, and hard working. Most, if not all, candidates are, but few will disagree, when it comes to doing well on SATs, she'd be up there.

Iraq? Don't think for a minute electing her provides a carte blanche pull-out. Congress still has to approve things. Also, when she, or whomever, hits office, she will be provided with data regarding terrorism and such that ordinary senators never see. Will it influence to stay? Who knows, but it is possible. I do not think George Bush sent our boys in there to lose.

The end of the world as we know it? Great song by REM, but nothing more.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Responder of the Week: @bdul muHib

Realizing I have a few steady responders to posts, I thought I would give a heads-up toward their sites. No plan to make a responder of the week actually every week, but as I can.

Now, your job, dear reader, is to check out one guy's two blogs. A very intelligent poster, and good guy all around. He challenges me, and though I don't respond to every one of his responses, I am left thinking.

Two salutes for @bdul muHib

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to Hillary, Huck and All Their Supporters

Christmas is today.

Some candidates are devoutly Christian, others are politically and conveniently Christian. Some are 'fallen Christian'. Lots of denominations, from Catholic to Baptist to Methodist and beyond.

Some are Jewish, and naturally, not celebrating Christmas in the theological sense. Others are not believers in any god, and are just taking a day off.

A lot like America. We believe all kinds of things, and hopefully, are living out what we believe. We enjoy this freedom, and hopefully, we learn to tolerate others, no matter what they believe. We do not need to agree, but unlike countries like Iran and Sudan, we are able to live together in peace.

I am a Christian, and so can only wish Merry Christmas to those who believe. For those of you are not, I sincerely hope you have a good day filled with warmth and family memories in the making.

So, to Obama, Clinton? Huckabee? McCain, Rudy, Romney, Newt, Thompson, Dean, Kerry, Paul, and Edwards, and you... Merry Christmas (even to you, Osama bin Laden)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Standing by His Woman: Former president in town to promote wife for the job

Some people want to criticize Bill Clinton for campaigning for his wife, but I say good show. She stood by her man when he was looking down in the mouth, and now he is stepping up to do the same.

Barack Obama is coming on strong. With Oprah Winfrey now behind him, and the public growing vaguely cynical of the Hillary Clinton machine, she needs to be concerned. Furthermore, the Republicans aren't sitting on their hands. Mike Huckabee has snuck up from nowhere to present evangelicals an option other than social liberal Rudy Giuliani, and conservative but Mormon Mitt Romney. In any event, one of those three is likely to threaten the Hillary Clinton juggernaut.

The story is the same: get the nomination, get the national victory. And the story remains as difficult, hence, Hillary needs the fire power only glamor boy Bill can pull off.

Just add a saxophone.

Former president in town to promote wife for the job
Charles City Press
By Kirk Klocke, News Editor Both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were in Iowa this weekend, and the former president’s route included Charles City.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Huckabee vs Obama?

Huckabee vs Obama?

There's a fight few expected, but just might be. As Obama's interest increases, and as Hillary keeps being presented as left wing, while Huckabee, previously a long-shot, starts coming into being his own candidate, while Rudy is being seen as a morally liberal, fiscally moderate conservative -- well, you can seem it is all becoming undone.

Who is this Mike Huckabee, anyway? He is a religious guy, same as fellow Arkansas ex-governor, Bill Clinton. The same denomination, only Huckabee is less ashamed to admit it. Like Clinton, he is a musician, playing bass guitar in his rock-and-roll band Capitol Offense.

Also from Hope, AR, he lifted himself up from little to much, again, like Clinton. But now, his views and lifestyle are much different than Clinton, both Bill and Hillary. He's different than all but Romney, and maybe Fred Thompson as well.

My bet is Pat Robertson is regretting the day he endorsed Rudy Giuliani, as it increasingly appears Huckabee might be the Republican's only hope for the White House.

As for Obama - the jury is still out, but it is no longer the Hillary Clinton Roadshow. She'll come back with guns blazing, so don't you Obama fans get smug. He can pull it out, but she'll not go down without a little dirt, and maybe a little blood on her hands.

Huckabee surges, hires Reagan's ex-campaign manager
AFP - 4 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AFP) — Mike Huckabee was ahead in a poll out Friday among Republican presidential hopefuls in the key early primary state of South Carolina, ...
Huckabee, 'the next Reagan'? MSNBC
Rollins to lead Huckabee's effort MSNBC
Huckabee hires former Reagan adviser Boston Globe
Boston Herald - New York Times
all 185 news articles »

Obama Showing New Confidence With Iowa Sprint
New York Times
By JEFF ZELENY INDEPENDENCE, Iowa - After months of sometimes struggling with the demands of being a presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama is showing a new command in the final weeks before the Iowa caucuses, threatening Senator Hillary Rodham ...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Barack Obama is Winning as Hillary Clinton Leads the Polls

Barack Obama is fighting a losing battle for 2008, and a winning battle for 2012. Hillary Clinton is en route to winning by a massive margin the Democratic nomination, but her viability in the national election is dire. If she does not win the White House, and few of the more objective analysts (like myself, of course), Barack Obama has both the nomination and the presidency in 2012.

Presently, Hillary is enjoying a gender novelty matter. Take away gender, which will not be an issue by 2012 either way, and things get much closer.

Meanwhile, Obama, safely serving again as an Illinois senator (something Illinoisans are not sure he's doing well), he'll remain high in the national eye, raising money, and paying his dues.

Poll Averages - Democrats