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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Barack Obama Begins the "I Love Hillary" Secretary of State Dance

No surprise here, but certainly politically complex. The media loved Hillary Clinton then hated her, loves Barack Obama, but now, all changes. As Obama backtracks on all the negative things he and his supporters said about her, he is now forced to reconcile politics with politics. All incoming presidents have had do similar things, but the polarizing Democratic primaries intensified both sides of the dilemma.

And wouldn't you know it, a woman gets into the cabinet at a high level, but winds up just a secretary.

Obama poised to name Hillary Clinton to State post
By Ross Colvin CHICAGO (Reuters) - US President-Elect Barack Obama was poised to name his national security team on Monday, with former political rival Hillary Clinton in line to be picked as secretary of state.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

E Pluribus Obamum: Barack Obama T-shirt

E Pluribus Obamum: out of many, The One The Chosen One has been called to lead. His name is Barack Obama. Voted in by the People, named by the angels -- he is the one who is all.

http://www.cafepress.com/Obamum (mugs, hats, thongs, you name it)

As an equal opportunity blogger, here's a Sarah Palin in 2012 shirt for you.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Religion in an Obama Era?

Peter Roskam Speaks at Wheaton Academy
How to work in the real world without compromising your faith.
by Anthony Trendl
Chicago Tribune

Peter Roskam, a senator in Illinois most noted nationally for taking over Henry Hyde's spot, spoke at a high school today.
...Talking about his Glen Ellyn roots and path into politics, he also candidly described the basis for his prolife views in the context of remaining consistent with his Christian faith. His theme was ethics, and thinking long-term when it comes to career while not separating faith and vocation, that a Christian is a Christian no matter what the job at hand is.
I gotta admit, I hardly expected one Christian Republican to survive this election, with so many Democrats seeking the big O, but this one did. He's not shy or dancing around his faith. He's either making this stuff up, or an actual decent man. This isn't a diss at Barack Obama's religion, but BO is playing all of this close to his vest.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has her fans selling t-shirts.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Even Hillary Would be Better

Look around -- I'm young, educated, suburban and care about issues like the homeless. Most of my friends are voting for Barack Obama. In fact, peer pressure to vote for him has been tremendous. That said, I know others who are so pro-John McCain that they cringe when I suggest that Obama will not ruin our country.

So I voted for John McCain. My writer friends, most whom care more about the homeless than actually spend time with them, think I am unintelligent.

Tomorrow, I will look out the window. If the world is still there, I will go to work. If not, I'll stay home and drink coffee.

January 21, I will repeat the process, if, as one friend suggests, I am not dead. If I am dead, I regretfully will no longer be blogging, nor looking out windows.

So I voted for John McCain. He is not my first choice, nor my second. Possibly, he is my third, but, really, Barack Obama is not on my list. Even Hillary Clinton is higher on my list.

270 electoral votes needed to win, 527 undecided?
Right. Poor old Barack is down in the first quarter, with John McCain up by five. The score is 8-3. The election is over, and was when I voted. Illinois' decisions were made long ago.

The upside is once Obama is run out of town, we can bring in a new senator, one committed to getting the job done.

And so, I voted for John McCain. Tomorrow, I'll be a tiny point in a million point spread, and next week, a minor, soon forgotten statistic for pollsters and analysts.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Barack Obama Still Campaigns: He's Afraid?

He leads in every significant poll. He has more more money than the richest Republican candidate. The media loves him.

And still, he campaigns.

He has nothing to be afraid of. His supporters love him as much as Ronald Reagan's supporters.


Why not?