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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Barack Obama is not a Pacifist (so what?)

See the story referenced below, or any just like it. I'm wondering if this will gain voters or lose them. Barack Obama enjoyed a popularity from pacifists. Clearly, he is not. Is he catering to otherwise liberal voters who, although they might have concerns about our presence in Iraq, are very interested in seeing al Qaeda put down?

The White House quieted the remarks, claiming it respects Pakistan's sovereignty. Right. Sure we do. I'm sure we really do, but, the reality might change if we learn if, as Obama termed it, "actionable" factors - like the country tolerating al Qaeda running the training camps, or turning their head when bin Laden shuffles from cave to cave (as roaches are apt to do).

My own view is that this may not win Republicans or Democrat conservatives who are uncomfortable with Obama's progay, prochoice moral platform, but against Hillary Clinton. Some of what even Democrats secretly like about George Bush made it to the TV news about Obama: stand tough, stand tall, and do no take any crap about al Qaeda.

Tough campaign talk. That's all it is. What he says can be construed as you like, since, although powerful, Obama hasn't the power yet to follow-through.

Obama: If Pakistan doesn't hit Al Qaeda, US must
Chicago Tribune - 31 minutes ago
By Mike Dorning Washington Bureau August 2, 2007 WASHINGTON—Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, under attack from a rival who portrays him as naive on foreign policy, declared Wednesday that he would use military force against Al Qaeda ...


@bdul muHib said...

Obama's also not really pro-gay, nor anti-gay- he supports civil ceremonies, and not marriages, and is against discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Civil ceremonies and not marriages..hmmm. I guess you had better make that partially against discrimination.

Resilient Hawk said...

It depends how you define either. If Obama supports gay civil ceremonies, and not gay marriages, how is that discrimination?

All said and done, both concerns will be talked about, and status quo will remain. Does anyone seriously think any of the candidates can push gay marriages into law? Bill Clinton never dared to. The Democrats make great speeches about this, but these are fundraising speeches, not pro-gay Supreme Court judge nominations.

Have you heard -- there are polygamists who feel discriminated against because the law says only one spouse. Some adult-child relationship supporters also believe they too are discriminated against. Apparently, even in Kentucky, six year-olds (gay and straight) are not allowed to marry 40 year-olds.