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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hillary and Alan Keyes?

Money, money money.

Let's ignore money. We get it. Politicians can be bought, but even the good ones need money.
$26 Million For Hillary, $25 Million For Barack, How About $10000 ...

Rather, let's think of American Idol. What would John Lennon say? He recognized there were then more fans of the Beatles than Jesus, but, what about Sanjaya?
Sanjaya more popular than Hillary

The race thickens, and we know little more today about the candidates than their fundraising ability and which candidate's wife is ill.

It gets weirder. Remember carpet-bagger Alan Keyes? One of his people says he's all for Hillary, almost. Maybe the bitter sting of getting trounced by Barack Obama in Illinois is still sharp.
Why I am endorsing Hillary

Where's the love?

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