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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lip Readers Hired at the White House Bar Learn Facts

Official White House paparazzi lip readers have transcribed this event kindly for us. Only a few words were heard.

President Barack Obama: Thanks for coming guys. I want you to know that at the White House, we, especially the Democrats, are down to Earth blue collar folks. (aside: Charles, could you bring us another?)

Henry Louis Gates: Thanks, Barry. We're old friends. You and I have shared a few good times.

BO: That we have. Hehe. That we have.

Sergeant James Crowley: Yeah, thanks Mr. President. As you know, I'm a Boston cop. We always vote Democrat. We really never consider anyone else.

BO: Glad to hear it. Hank, how's your book coming along?

HLG: Fantastic. Thanks to this whole episode, I'll be hitting the speaking circuit at a very sweet fee. This will help me with my summer home. How about you, Jimmy?

JC: No summer home. I'm a cop, remember.

HLG: You'll get one someday.

JC: How?

BO: Audacity of hope man!

JC: Hope? Based on what?

BO: I'm the president. I can take care of you.

JC: Running in 2012?

BO: Probably. How can I lose? Palm of my hand, baby.

HLG: I thought about running.

BO: You could use a few laps. I didn't want to say, but you are looking like a fat cat.

HLG: I mean for the presidency.

BO: Against me? You couldn't even beat Sarah Palin. Haha! I kicked Hillary down too.

JC: Thanks for that.

BO: Voted for me?

JC: Well, not so much for you, but against her.

HLG: Here! Here! And I thought people were just voting against Bush. Oh, man, this is good brew. Whoa, JC, did you do that? Man, that's nasty.

JC: Not me? Prez?

BO: Um...

JC: Dude.

HLG: Speaking of stink, what can we do about cash for clunkers? I have a 2008 Lexus I need to dump...

JC: Oh, that's yours? It is parked illegally out front. I gave you a ticket.

HLG: Great, There you go. Keeping the black man down! Do you know who I am?

BO: You don't mind if I have a smoke do you?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama Pulls a Bush Cowboy Move

Saying the police are stupid alienated a lot of good cops, but such was what President Obama did last week when saying, "The Cambridge police acted stupidly."

After enjoying a honeymoon by the media, Obama, having gone cowboy on the cop and inserting himself into a local police matter, is watching his popularity go down a notch. No way is he suffering, but his approval ratings are essentially what President George W Bush's were at this point into his presidency.

Obama will rise again, it is reasonable to think, as the Gates fiasco is nearing an end and he more or less apologized for hos involvement.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama May Not Meet Guantanamo Closing Promise

The realities of the White House are being discovered by President Barack Obama. He is finding promises are easy to make. He didn't know. How could he know?

This isn't to say his goals were bad. The process is far more complex than he realized.

Will there be an outcry by antiwar supporters or cheering on by prowar people. Not likely.

Closing Guantanamo easier said than done
BBC News - Paul Reynolds
US President Barack Obama's promise to close Guantanamo Bay a year after taking office is proving more complex to achieve in practice than it was to announce in principle.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Steps Down as Governor of Alaska

Though her opponents have shrilly decried her ideas and her dialect, Sarah Palin might be sayin', "You betcha," to skeptical Obama supporters when it comes to 2012. She steps down this month as governor of Alaska.


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