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Friday, March 14, 2008

How to Poop on Voters (Re-do an election)

I'm not sure about Glenn Beck, but I generally agree with this regarding the Michigan vote re-do.

Politics are not the same as life - mercy and grace are especially important when a life is directly involved (mercy toward unborn kids, imprisonment might be two overlaps, certain lawsuits against an individual by the State).

This, though, is not the same. However, whatever a political party wants to do is fine by me. If the Democrats want a do-over, do I care, really? Same if the Republicans want to. Either way, if they make a dumb decision, I might not vote them next time. That's where my care will show the most.

Play games with voters? Expect 'game over' the next election.

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@bdul muHib said...

I really can't tell where you're coming from on this, in part because the link is broken, but I would agree that not rescheduling a vote would be like taking a dump on the electorate of Michigan (and Florida). It is inappropriate to disenfranchise the electorate for the actions of their party. The voters of both states have the right to choose between their candidates, and see both candidates (and not just Hillary) campaign in the two states, so they can accurately choose.