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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Want a Black Man in the White House? Buy a Ford

A Ford? What does this have to do with Barack Obama's race?

It relates in that Fords used to be a symbol of "Buy American." Now, cars have parts made everywhere. "Buy American" is a myth played by marketing agents to unwitting patriotic Americans. So was race in this election.

Barack Obama is 50% something Caucasian, and 50% Kenyan. His mom was from Kansas, but her ethnicity could be one or more of several European places.

That Obama's dad is Kenyan doesn't matter either.

Barack Obama is not black. He's not white. He is a man. His presidential legacy will be in the quality of man he is, nothing more. If he's a wise and good man, we'll know that in four years.

If you voted for Obama just because he was black, you voted with a racist mindset. If you voted against Obama just because he was black, you voted with a racist mindset.

The AP had an interesting, more in-depth look at this: (click to read entire story)
Obama's true colors: Black, white ... or neither?
A perplexing new chapter is unfolding in Barack Obama's racial saga: Many people insist that "the first black president" is actually not black.

Debate over whether to call this son of a white Kansan and a black Kenyan biracial, African-American, mixed-race, half-and-half, multiracial — or, in Obama's own words, a "mutt" — has reached a crescendo since Obama's election shattered assumptions about race.

Obama has said, "I identify as African-American — that's how I'm treated and that's how I'm viewed. I'm proud of it." In other words, the world gave Obama no choice but to be black, and he was happy to oblige.

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