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Sunday, May 13, 2007

How Does Hillary Fight Rudy?

Hillary has a problem. Not, not one involving the Betty Ford Clinic. Betty was a Republican, however, just like Hillary's problem.

See this LA Times piece. Rudy's pro everything Hillary is. Her dance about war support hardly helps.

Although Rudy's not in line with general Republican view points, and is very close in many regards to the male Clinton, how does Hillary, and the Republicans, fight him? They cannot say, "Why Rudy, you are OK with abortion, and, by golly, we think that's wrong, and so you can't be president." No. His abortion views are essentially equal to the Democrats. Work your way down most social issues.

Rudy could win. Democrats who are pro-Iraq, and Republicans who believe abortion is not killing a fetus (or, merely rank abortion as less important than Iraq) are voting for Rudy G. That could be in total, a lot.

Watch a few Democrats highlight how they are like Rudy, only they are, as they will point out, Democrats. Their best hope is for Rudy to lose in the primaries.

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