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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More War Is the Answer, Says President Barack Obama

In a move that may be somehow justified by peace protesters who thought John McCain was war hungry, and that Barack Obama sought to pull troops away from the Middle East, Afghanistan will be seeing 17,000 new young men and women on the firing line.

While McCain may have done the same thing, that President Obama is adding 50% more troops will exhaust the minds of the sort who used to carry signs in front of President Bush's Crawford, TX home for the same reason.

Simply put, as it relates to Afghanistan, President Obama is pro-war.

Putting Stamp on Afghan War, Obama Will Send 17,000 Troops
“The president is committing these troops before he’s determined what the
mission is,” said Tom Andrews, director of the coalition organization Win
Without War. “We need to avoid the slippery slope of military escalation.”

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