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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Obama Bullies Major Supporter on MySpace

While grass-roots campaigns make good press, the Hillary Clinton machine had a victory that did not involve them. Barack Obama took over a MySpace page from a supporter. Big Obama fan Joe Anthony gets kicked around by a powerful politician.

The story in short: Obama joins Senate. Fan starts MySpace page. It becomes popular. Obama heavily endorses the site, and the fan accommodates Obama. Now, Obama takes over the MySpace page.

Hillary wins here because this is how she plays: hard, tough and take no prisoners. She was, though, lacking the gentlemanly charm of Barack Obama, and comes off closer to the kind of woman who sells real estate (Is she #1 of the East Side?). Here, Obama hits the little guy hard, takes him down, and wrestles him to the ground.

Obama was cool so long as he has access to change the site. That way, he appeared to be supported as a grass roots kind of guy. What few knew is that his people have been "tweaking" the site for a long time.

Dishonest? You make the call.

All this means Obama's popularity drops a few. No one cares if he snorted or smoked coke, or if all that is a rumor. So long as he is a good guy now. As a strong supporter of free speech, and of grass roots campaigns, I think Barack Obama is in the dog house.

Obama takes control of MySpace page from jilted supporter

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