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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Obama Inc Powers Over Volunteers

Even the New York Times is paying attention to MySpace (Obama’s MySpace Conundrum). The most unglorious display of wretched campaignism, showing Barack Obama as a power hungry, selfish, greedy stereotypical politician.

Back when he was working as an Illinois Senator (a job he still technically holds), Obama had a fresh look of inexperience. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. No, no. Mr. Obama has desperate eyes on the White House.

Super fan Joe Anthony worked for Obama for free. He did it on his time. Then Obama, Inc. decided an aggressive takeover was required in order to properly spin the page. Anthony, a volunteer, sold his site. No. Not true. It was taken from him. Stolen? Not really. The MySpace people took it from him, as per the demand on Obama Inc.

Regarding something similar they did, their spokesman points out how business as usual is the preferred method.

“When it reached a point where there was 160,000 people,” said Jen Psaki, a
spokeswoman for the campaign, “that was a point where we followed sort of what
every other candidate has done” by controlling the candidate’s MySpace profile.

Anthony was screwed over like an unwilling john in a male prison. Raped hard. He didn't try to pick up the soap. He was pushed.

Who wins? Yesterday, I was thinking it was Hillary Clinton. No, not so much. The Republicans win this round. This is just another way the Democrats have shown bad management. Hillary will benefit with the primary election, but, if Obama wins the primary, this fiasco will ultimately help the Republicans.


@bdul muHib Diherhen said...

I do think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill here. One post, maybe, but three? The very articles that you link to seem to indicate that there was a fair amount of financial gain attempted by this blogger, and that there is an importance of a campaign needing to control it's own message- as the Apple-Clinton video showed, not coming from the Obama campaign. Indeed, from the articles you referenced, it seems that readers could have been confused by this MySpace guy, thinking he was actually Obama. Not sure who is most right in this situation, but I can certainly see both sides, and the needs of the Obama camp as well.

Resilient Hawk said...

Looks like a mountain/molehill, I agree. My exploration of it is more about curiousity. As political faux pas (plural?) goes, this was a big one, bigger than the error itself in that he handled it awkwardly.

I agree, candidates need to control their image. The Apple-Clinton video was something that should not have happened. In this case, though, an impression was left, that was deceiving. The view of deception was left plainly open by the Obama people.

Was this the grossest sin ever committed by a candidate? No. However, it opens a range of intriguing questions about rights, grassroots, integrity and freedom of speech.

MySpace had to respond as they did. Obama owned the name, and so, the page as per MySpace policy, but let it go too long.

He wanted the grassroots appearance but couldn't let it happen organically, When all is said and done, in this case, he is equated with every other candidate.