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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barack Obama Calls Sarah Palin a Pig (But It Doesn't Matter)

You heard the soundbite. Barack Obama calls Sarah Palin a pig. The right wing is in an uproar, but it does not matter. Sure, he did, and all the Obama's yapping about how he was really calling John McCain a pig is pure bull hockey. Palin is not offended. McCain's campaign is just capitalizing on a stupid Obama remark.

Still, it does not matter. Also, it does not matter that Obama's dad was a deadbeat, or that McCain is a war hero. What matters is what they stand for:

Barack Obama: Quintessential liberal: strongly prochoice, progovernment, antiIraq
John McCain: Quintessential conservative: strongly prolife, small governmemt, proIraq

Both claim reform. Both have a newbie (Obama/Palin). Both have a Washington career politician (Biden, McCain). All, but Palin, are loaded financially, and she is hardly poor.

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