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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Keene, New Hampshire and Hillary's Media Investment

All the news in Keene, New Hampshire is Hillary's upcoming visit. Why New Hampshire? The same reason she is going to New Hampshire is the reason every politician will visiting small towns across the nation. The schmooze power of tiny town visits helps a candidate calibrate the marketing fire power needed to suck in the voters from statistically - demographically similar areas.

Hillary Clinton to visit Keene on Sunday

Hillary, with her bank account and popularity, is using this as market research. She is in a great position to adjust her campaign strategy. As a liberal-minded candidate, she recognizes middle-America will not easily be swayed. To manipulate the voters accordingly, she needs to do a few tests to level set. New Hampshire is not the most conservative state, of course, so a visit there is safer than a traditionally 100% blue state.

She knows the campaign will be tough, and the election needs a strong fight from her. There are still a substantial number of prolife and non-extra gay rights voters that will vote against her in both parties. The Republicans have the bulk of such voters, but they've not locked that perspective up. If a more center of left candidate comes along among the Democrats, Hillary will lose votes, and then Obama might have the edge. A loss in the primary means no big election, no White House.

She's on the right path. By gaining some political and media currency in New Hampshire, she can work her way into the big cities. In New Hampshire, where she'll come off as more casual and folksy, she can practice her spiel. She'll refine it in such places where the news is less about she said and more that she visited. Lots of photo opportunities, and whammy, she's got a presence in the media arena. Low risk, high returns.

Great investment Hillary! All your money is being spent intelligently.

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