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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Tobacco Supporter, Barack Obama?

Unless Barack Obama is growing his own tobacco, then rolling it, he supports Big Tobacco. In his case, Marlboro.

Unable to quit, Obama's addiction plays counter to his healthy image. While support of the American tobacco industry will hardly impact Obama's chance, as his voters, including the ones Hillary Clinton told to vote for him, aren't ooking at this issue. John McCain would likely also find it not impacting him.

Too bad. Big tobacco needs to be a national issue, right there with the abortion industry and capital punishment.

"And [Obama's] team works overtime trying to hide Obama's dirty little secret. He is -- get this -- a cigarette smoker. The point is: What else do we not know about Barack Obama?" Despite Gibson's claim that Obama's smoking is "a dirty little secret," Obama told the Chicago Tribune in December 2005 that his smoking is "an ongoing battle," and his cigarette use was, in fact, known during his 2004 Senate campaign, when his wife told the Chicago Sun-Times that he smokes "about three Marlboros a day."

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