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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brilliant Deflective Apology by Barack Obama

Brilliantly deflecting trouble by acknowledging his screwed up. As he said, not realizing the tax problems of his appointees is an honest mistake. He didn't fully research the candidates, and they came up sour.

It also allows him to apologize. George W Bush came across non-apologetic often. As Obama apologizes, his supporters can say, "He admits when he is wrong." It also gives him cachet so that when he chooses to place blame elsewhere, he will have this to point to.

As a media move, incredible. It hardly implies he is not sincere, but he is deft politically, and knows how the media wants to present him.

Sincerity is not seen in a moment, but from a distance, over many moments. In a year, we'll know. For now, the benefit of the doubt.

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