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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to Hillary, Huck and All Their Supporters

Christmas is today.

Some candidates are devoutly Christian, others are politically and conveniently Christian. Some are 'fallen Christian'. Lots of denominations, from Catholic to Baptist to Methodist and beyond.

Some are Jewish, and naturally, not celebrating Christmas in the theological sense. Others are not believers in any god, and are just taking a day off.

A lot like America. We believe all kinds of things, and hopefully, are living out what we believe. We enjoy this freedom, and hopefully, we learn to tolerate others, no matter what they believe. We do not need to agree, but unlike countries like Iran and Sudan, we are able to live together in peace.

I am a Christian, and so can only wish Merry Christmas to those who believe. For those of you are not, I sincerely hope you have a good day filled with warmth and family memories in the making.

So, to Obama, Clinton? Huckabee? McCain, Rudy, Romney, Newt, Thompson, Dean, Kerry, Paul, and Edwards, and you... Merry Christmas (even to you, Osama bin Laden)

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@bdul muHib said...

Which candidate is Jewish?