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Monday, December 24, 2007

Standing by His Woman: Former president in town to promote wife for the job

Some people want to criticize Bill Clinton for campaigning for his wife, but I say good show. She stood by her man when he was looking down in the mouth, and now he is stepping up to do the same.

Barack Obama is coming on strong. With Oprah Winfrey now behind him, and the public growing vaguely cynical of the Hillary Clinton machine, she needs to be concerned. Furthermore, the Republicans aren't sitting on their hands. Mike Huckabee has snuck up from nowhere to present evangelicals an option other than social liberal Rudy Giuliani, and conservative but Mormon Mitt Romney. In any event, one of those three is likely to threaten the Hillary Clinton juggernaut.

The story is the same: get the nomination, get the national victory. And the story remains as difficult, hence, Hillary needs the fire power only glamor boy Bill can pull off.

Just add a saxophone.

Former president in town to promote wife for the job
Charles City Press
By Kirk Klocke, News Editor Both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were in Iowa this weekend, and the former president’s route included Charles City.

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@bdul muHib said...

Like the song says, "Stand by your woman..."