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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Huckabee vs Obama?

Huckabee vs Obama?

There's a fight few expected, but just might be. As Obama's interest increases, and as Hillary keeps being presented as left wing, while Huckabee, previously a long-shot, starts coming into being his own candidate, while Rudy is being seen as a morally liberal, fiscally moderate conservative -- well, you can seem it is all becoming undone.

Who is this Mike Huckabee, anyway? He is a religious guy, same as fellow Arkansas ex-governor, Bill Clinton. The same denomination, only Huckabee is less ashamed to admit it. Like Clinton, he is a musician, playing bass guitar in his rock-and-roll band Capitol Offense.

Also from Hope, AR, he lifted himself up from little to much, again, like Clinton. But now, his views and lifestyle are much different than Clinton, both Bill and Hillary. He's different than all but Romney, and maybe Fred Thompson as well.

My bet is Pat Robertson is regretting the day he endorsed Rudy Giuliani, as it increasingly appears Huckabee might be the Republican's only hope for the White House.

As for Obama - the jury is still out, but it is no longer the Hillary Clinton Roadshow. She'll come back with guns blazing, so don't you Obama fans get smug. He can pull it out, but she'll not go down without a little dirt, and maybe a little blood on her hands.

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@bdul muHib said...

And ironically, Obama is more left-wing than the Clintons, by a long shot. He's actually a liberal.