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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa and Indecision

Does Iowa have power? No. Only the lowliest candidates will drop out.

One conservative Illinois-cum-Iowan is trying to sort this out, but, as you can see, is no more satisfied than the Democrats are with their choices.

He says:
Currently I'm leaning on voting against Mitt Romney and for Mike Huckabee...
What's key is indecision. Note "Currently." He goes on and gives his reasons, which are a mix of faith-based and classic conservatism.

But look at the Democrats. According to the Associated Press, even this famously Democratic family can't agree (though predictibly, Jesse went with the race vote, while his wife went for the gender vote), Jesse Jackson's wife Supports Clinton

As it says:
Jesse Jackson said in March that Obama, an Illinois senator, has his vote. But Jacqueline Jackson, in an ad that started airing this week, calls Clinton "by far the most qualified candidate to be president in these tough times."
What we have are inferior candidates. In 2004, we had two types of candidates: The George Bush type, and the John Kerry type. People were emphatic one way or another. Now, we have milque toast, watered down men and women who are not decided for, but against. Sure, we had the "anybody but Bush" undecideds, but, now, we have "anybody but anybody." We are not for anyone at all.

To me, this is a post modern problem. Conservatives and liberals alike rely too much on media to tell them who not to vote for, leaving the voter without a basis.

What about the very convicted Christian voter? Now, not there either. Pat "Mr. Religious Conservative" Robertson went for Rudy Giuliani, who is essentially, at best, a cultural Catholic.

Doesn't anyone believe in anyone anymore? Don't any candidates live what they believe anymore?


David said...

R. Hawk, I appreciated your link to my blog post on the Iowa Caucus. I have an update and how I came to the decision and comments on Huckabee winning.

I hope to continue to inform others on the political process we are involved with as it's a difficult decision what to do with all the options. I don't necesarily agree with you that we don't have good options (at least on the Republican side that involved with). To me I want to be sure that the issues are understood and that hearts and minds are won based on truth and with good will.

@bdul muHib said...

The very convicted Christian voter should vote for the very convicted Christian candidate- one who doesn't just mouth the proof texts of Christianity, but practices a lifestyle because he sees that's what Jesus is calling him to - President Elect Barack Obama.