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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two Will Lose: Inevitability in the 2008 Presidential Race

A friend described to me what he is thankful for, and, what many American voters are struggling with -- there is one certainty in this election: When the election in November is over, when the 2008 Presidential Race has finished, two candidates will have lost.

While many Barack Obama supporters are calling the Hillary Clinton campaign racist, and while many Hillary Clinton supporters are calling the Barack Obama campaign sexist, we see that neither camp respects the other. This means that when they join forces, after the Democrat super delegates are done being kissed on like some New York whore, lies begin.

Which lies? The ones which begin, "Wow, what a tough campaign (fill in name of winner). I (the name of the loser) respect you, trust you, and fully support you." They, then, will bear the other's love child.

Meanwhile, conservatives will be forced to vote for John McCain. They do not want to, but given their choice, whether Hillary or Barack, they are stuck.

Many Christians have found themselves stuck compromising one way or another. Many are choosing Obama if for no other reason his strong leadership reminds them of George Bush, despite his pro-abortion and pro-gay perspectives (Obama promises to dedicate presidency to homosexual activism, the Catholic News Agency quotes Obama, ""As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws," Obama said.")

Yet, likewise, wanting to remain prolife, who do they vote for? John McCain, a man whose campaign was quoted by the Huffington Post, "In a response to a question about the religious right, an important component of the Republican coalition, he said that it was, indeed "a serious problem...""

So then there is Hillary Clinton, who all but makes love to organizations like Planned Parenthood, who, along with Sen. Barack Obama and Elizabeth Edwards, chased pro-abortion voters.

At least two of the remaining candidates will lose. Well, yes, there's that. So will America. Damned if they vote for (X), and damned if they don't? That depends on what 'damned' means, which no doubt, each candidate would accuse the other of doing.


@bdul muHib said...

The articles you quoted, naturally for the press, were inaccurate in regards to Obama. Even the title of one didn't agree with what the article said.

On gays, Obama supports equal rights, but not marriage.

On abortion, he thinks it's an awful thing and would wish people wouldn't do it (see his book), but advocates it being legal. Regardless of how that one quote was so severely taken out of context.

People don't realize how severely conservative Obama is at times. Indeed, a recent summary of placement put him in the conservative third of Democrats, more so than Hillary.

And, of course, he is the most religious and Christian (in the sense of advocating his personal relationship with Jesus and letting that influence his actions) of the three remaining candidates. If someone is wanting to vote on that issue alone (which I wouldn't advocate), then Obama's their man.

scott said...

yap, obama is for civil unions but not gay marriage.

speaking old style politics.

@bdul muHib said...

If by old style, you mean that of the early Church, then yes, you're correct. The early church recognized two kinds of marriage- civil and Christian- and they frankly didn't care what the state did, following the maxim of their Lord to let Ceasar have Ceasar's. Today we call that arrangement a civil union- a marriage in all senses of the term, except without the title "marriage".

Anonymous said...

If Hillary uses Clintonomics, she will win. This phrase is like gold!

Resilient Hawk said...

"If Hillary uses Clintonomics, she will win. This phrase is like gold!"

So you are saying that if she uses this one word, devout John McCain supporters will vote for her? So much for McCain supporters. They seem like they had some sort of conviction, but you are probably right, that Hillary's economic leadership will trump McCain's.