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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Last Resort Gingrich

If the Republicans have a dream of winning, they need better press than Gingrich: 2008 run would be last resort.

Hillary Clinton could beat an uninspired Newt Gingrich with her eyes closed. In his day, he was a force. Now, he is, at best, a sparring partner.

Even Howard Dean could beat Gingrich. Even Howard Dean.


David said...

Interesting to hear about Newt's thought on running for president. I think he's more intelligent and seems to know his stuff better than Hillary by a long shot. This liberal media won't be fair to him and glorify him like they would for Hillary (I'd venture to say). I think Newt can communicate the issues that face our country into a debate: the war on terrorism and conservatism vs. liberalism.

Tony, I don't know how you can say Howard Dean would be able to win vs. Newt. Howard Dean vs. Newt would be silly. Newt would make Howard Dean look like a child I would guess, however Dean would have the spin of most media on his side, right?

David said...

Interesting to hear about Newt's thoughts on running for president. I think he's much more intelligent and seems to know his stuff. So Hillary could be exposed if the media was unbiased. The good thing about Newt for president is that I trust he can communicate the issues that face our country better than any other candidate that I'm familiar with. I trust him a lot more than anyone on the democrat side. A national debate would be healthy: the war on terrorism and conservatism vs. liberalism. Fox News would be what I would watch and CBN to really think through the issues.

I strongly disagree that Howard Dean would be able to win vs. Newt. Put them side to side in a debate with and watch Dean shrink. The media couldn't protect him enough and hopefully the Americans are finding there sources in unbiased or alternative sources.

Priamel said...

You read the article linked on my post.

My point is emphasizing Newt's lackluster perspective regarding running, mixed with the range of ethical and personal problems he has had. Republicans would support him less than Democrats would support the unlikely candidate Howard Dean. Just because you agree with Newt, and that he is caoable communicator, he has blown his shot at the White House. Dean has not. Dean would not win with Hillary and Obama running in the primaries, but Dean has not pushed away all of his supporters.

David said...

I think he is an excellent candidate based on he understand and communication of certain issues. He understands and communicates some very important things, however, if you base everything on the allegations against Newt he is not the man for the job. He could addresses it somehow (which would be surprising and interesting but don't expect it). Comes down to America deciding if they can live with him and if they trust him.

He is important for this country even if he won't be an ideal candidate.

For example:
He has a nice book "Rediscovering God in America" - saw him talk about it on 700 club (video)

I agree with him as a communicator on the issues. We are at the point of WWIII now: http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/08/01/mg.tue/index.html?section=cnn_latest

FYI: This was my favorite interview with Newt: Ali G and Newt Gingrich

Resilient Hawk said...

Newt's one of the sharpest, smartest leaders out there. I believe both sides of his fans and enemies agree on that one.

Whether or not the allegations (some of which are more than that, and are conclusive) are worth considering was the very issue that caused Bill Clinton trouble, Ronald Reagan trouble, and will cause Hillary Clinton trouble.

Of course, in the matter of divorce, hanky-panky, and bad form, if everyone in politics were looked at, who would not be in trouble? Henry Hyde had at least one affair, JFK was not known as a morally-inclined man. Ted Kennedy used to be a scandal a minute, and the late Barney Frank managed one of the biggest coups on the American ethic since his page boy incident was blown over.

No matter how smart Newt is, he would never even get out an Republican primary. He'll work better behind the scenes as a political consultant, helping spin the media wheel. His expertise there, based on his strategic sense, knowledge of the issues, and incredible articulance, is tops.

It is too bad he lost his popularity, as this race would more interesting with him as a serious candidate. Either way, as he said himself, he's only running as a last resort.