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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Barack Obama Philadelphia Democratic Debate (John McCain Won)


John McCain 1.0
Hillary Clinton 0.0
Barack Obama 0.5

Why? Obama is more skilled debater than Hillary, but so much of his replies were lacking depth. Hillary's also lacked depth, but was less eloquent.

Eloquence will get Obama the nomination, and being relatively clean (if not entirely) of corruption, will keep the motion going. Choosing someone besides Hillary as a running mate might get him serious support. Expect him to choose a straight talking, slightly southern, white male who is viewed as more middle of the road on moral issues.

Both kept calm. That's Obama ace-in-the-hole. He has yet to lose his cool. Hillary often does. Her weakness is she loses it when she gets frustrated. McCain can counter Obama here, but Hillary cannot.

Why did McCain win a debate he had no voice in? While Obama clearly beat Hillary with brilliant punch and runs (like when bringing up her 1992 comment about not staying home and making cookies, then saying he knows she really isn't the way she was portrayed), he did not provide much new to talk about, while Hillary gave the pundits more dirt on Obama. No McCain dirt.

John McCain will face heat soon enough, but tonight, the victory is his.

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@bdul muHib said...

On Obama's losing his cool or not, I disagree. As I stated in my blog post on the Bitterness Comment, his response to being called out of touch with the poor and working class- he got angry for the first time that I've seen. We got to see what Obama losing his cool looks like. Fairly restrained, actually.