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Friday, February 9, 2007

Political Marathons, Edwards Blogging Mistakes & Presidential Books

Busy day here at Hillary Clinton for President, keeping up with other blogs.

One thing I am seeing, and this is no news to anyone, is now is like the beginning of the New York City Marathon. Hundreds of people run the first mile under 5:00 just to get on camera, knowing they haven't the stamina nor strength to even dream of winning. There are roughly ten in the race who can win, with around three serious contenders left by mile 21 or so. So here we are, in mile 1 of a political marathon.

John Edwards is one of those first mile winners, I think, but that has more to do with his bloggers' mistakes than his inability to win. He appeals to old fashioned liberals who are liberal, but not willing to vote for a woman or a black man. This is not suggesting Edwards himself is intolerant. Of course, he has his followers who are beyond such shallowness, but for those with racist or sexist perspectives, he offers that option too.

Racism still infects our thinking. It is one thing to prefer tolerance. It is another to practice it. Edwards learned this as he found his bloggers were tolerant of everyone but Catholics, conversatives and whatever they believe counted as a right wing Christian.

Weird, huh, given that Catholics traditionally vote Democrat, and these two bloggers (see yesterday's post - Pandagon & Shakespeare's Sister Against Catholics? John Edwards' Staffers' Offense (or Not?) ) alienated them through a few coarse blogs intended for the urbane coffee klatch crowd (look for bloggish terms ├╝ber/uber, snarky, as well as Elvis Costello glasses ala the 1950s suburban mom, and generally separatist leanings as opposed to bridge building and persuasion).

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the front runners, and may jostle shoulders along the way. I have been thinking that each might choose the other in the national race. I'm leaning against that, though. If the Republicans were leading the polls, I'd say yes, and then the Democrats could trump a gimmick race, like Geraldine Ferraro. With Walter Mondale, she never had a chance, no more than John Kerry ever really did.

However, it seems the Republicans have no front runner outside of centrist McCain. This might change, and needs to if the Republicans dream of a victory, but, as it stands now, and as it has been since about a year ago, this is the Democrats to lose. A Hillary-Barack ticket might freak out the fickle "But can they win?" category. A lot of people might like the ticket in theory, but get skittish when it comes time to vote for a black man and a white woman.

Books on presidential elections are popping up. We make a few cents if you buy from Amazon this way, so you know. Know more than what the blogs are saying, and read some serious thought.

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