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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Long live Sir Rushdie! Long live freedom of faith! Let freedom ring!

re: Britain responds in Rushdie knighthood row

This is the world Hillary Clinton will inherit, one in which tolerance is expected to be one-sided, in which Islamic tyranny breathes heavily, panting with lust in Iran.

If violence is needed to protect the prophet's honor, he has no honor.

How feeble is the Koran that it cannot withstand scrutiny?

How insecure are Islam's faithful that the disbelief of another person causes rage?

How petty can someone be to think a few scratches in a newspaper are offensive to someone they believe knows Allah?

Are these really offensive, or just an excuse to vent prepubescent angst?

Long live Sir Rushdie! Long live freedom of faith! Let freedom ring!


@bdul muHib said...

I agree with your sentiments, that Rushdie should live long, as should freedom. It's just, considering the quality of his writing, I don't think he deserves a knighthood. Actually, for just writing, I think you've got to be really good to get a knighthood- like Joyce good. What, are they just handing knighthoods out these days?

Resilient Hawk said...

Whether Rusdie deserves knighthood is certainly a valid question, but it is one already answered by those who provide it.

Maybe he received his 'hood the same way Barbara Walters received her Hollywood Walk of Fame. What do those cost these days?

As for the punks, thugs and other human slugs trying to intimidate Sal R. into denouncing his knighthood, they've got another thing coming. He's last through the Ayatollah's (an Islamic mafia don in religious clothing) death fatwa. Surely Rushdie will not bow now.

As to whether they who give the honor should have given it, honor, if they see he deserves it, should not be asked to kow-tow to another country's idealogy.