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Friday, May 8, 2009

Obama's 9-11 Reenact Floods Money Into Economy

People are upset about the flyby. Not noted until now was that a third of a million bucks were redirected from taxpayers into the economy. Deftly securing an opportunity to do his part to boost cash flow in the United States, and put his military people to work (with the Middle East conflicts and Iraqi War resolved, we have too many soldiers goofing off).

Showing off the latest of planes, the newly elected president sent a message to the terrorists of the world, "We can fly around New York better than you can. See, we didn't hit any buildings. You idiots hit two."

Way to go President Obama!

Presidential plane's photo op over New York cost as much as $357000
Presidential plane's photo op over New York cost as much as $357,000
Defense Secretary Robert Gates today apologized for the incident in a letter posted on Sen. John McCain's website.
By Michael Muskal
11:22 AM PDT, May 8, 2009
A publicity stunt that terrified many New Yorkers still leery of another terror attack involving low-flying aircraft cost as much as $357,000 in taxpayer funds to stage over Manhattan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said today.

The flyby by a plane used as Air Force One and two other Air Force craft shocked commuters in Manhattan and New Jersey and was condemned by furious city and state officials.

In a letter released today, Gates apologized for the incident. The letter was posted on the Senate website of John McCain, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. McCain has called the incident an "Air Farce One photo op." Gates in his letter said the cost of a jumbo jet that is used as the president's plane was estimated between $300,658 and $328,835. The cost of two accompanying F-16 jets was $28,177 for a maximum total of $357,012.

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