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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kennedy is Dead

With Ted Kennedy's death, President Barack Obama is running solo. Not to say Kennedy was all he had. Far from it, but Kennedy's support, both spoken and merely by his presence, carried plenty of weight.

It is sad news to all. Liberals lost a major voice, but conservatives recognize he was bigger than his views and was an iconic American.

As the media goes, I expect a flurry of politicians to say nice things. Some are sincere, and some realize they maybe get face time of cable TV. It will pass, and after some kind of memorial, he'll just be a memory.

His time had really passed. It likely ended when it was obvious he'd never be president. He still lead Massachusetts politics, and, in many ways, was the strongest voice in liberal politics. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he never was shrill. Conservatives who disagreed with him believed him, and knew him as a sharp thinking man, much as Newt Gingrich is respected by liberals.

RIP, Ted Kennedy

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