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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hollywood Barry Replacing Hollywood Hillary? Not Unless They Want to Follow the Sun Instead of the Wave.

Where's Broadway Joe? No one is asking, not since the Super Bowl. From the looks of the news, fewer people are asking about Hollywood Hillary Clinton too, and are instead, looking at Barack Obama as their political mascot.

I don't think it is true. I think it is nothing but blog fodder, and will be only relevant to tabloids, not serious politicos.

November 2008 is when? November 2008. Check your calendar. That's when mine says it is happening. It is scheduled then, not now. Obama will get his points, especially as Democrats recognize him as the face of the future. Today (and by today, I mean February 21 only), Hillary's still the Queen of the Democrats. Obama's only a prince. In Hollywood, just like anywhere, rank matters.

Now, the water washes on the shore of Hillary. The sun is rising, and will eventually make it around again, but for now, it is about the wave of interest in Hillary Clinton. Other news talks about her fundraising capacity. (Hillary Plans to Shatter Campaign Fundraising Records NewsByUs). Money is given by those who have money, and the money goes to the popular.

Present popularity reigns with the Queen.

All bad metaphors aside, the issue is news and bias. I'm biased. You're biased. All God's children are biased. The media, including websites and blogs, need fodder. Fodder is fed by controversy. If Hollywood dumps Hillary, that's controversy.

Hollywood - and that usually means a few famous people, not the entire community of employees in the film industry who vote, from captioners to set builders to extras. In fact, not all of Hollywood is in Hollywood. They are working in Chicago, New York, Brisbane, London. Some are even, oh no! Conservative. Many are as liberal as can be, others are more conservative than George W Bush himself. Who knows which, but there's the thing -- who knows?

There's conservatives we all know, like Mel Gibson and Patricia Heaton, of course, but there are hundreds, thousands of unknowns who are 'Hollywood', and never make the tabloids. How do they vote? ProObama? ProHillary? ProMickey Mouse?

In other words, Broadway Joe isn't on Broadway. He's in Buffalo. (Broadway Joe's) or 46th in NYC (Broadway Joe Steakhouse - New York City Theater District). Broadway Joe Namath (good Hungarian family) is apparently in Alabama, finishing his college degree. Good for him.

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