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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hillary Blogs: Bitter or Better?

Currently listed blogs that Google seems to think are doing well are mostly bitter against her or bitterly for her.

One site delights in its bitterness, which only makes me wonder if they are closet supporters, or jealous. Another is so proud of her, you'd think she had a different last name. All, as I see it, enjoy a little too much voyeurism to be seriously considered as influencing anyone but the choir.

  1. Hillary Clinton For President blogs - http://www.votehillary.org/CMS/blog
    current: Wash Post & Selective Outrage
  2. Hillary Clinton Files - The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton.
    current: Hill Pays Off SC Black Church Leader
  3. No Hillary Clinton - Reminding America of the corruption that never ends.
    current: It’s because she has Cankles!
  4. Just Say No To Hillary Clinton - Blogging the truth about Hillary Clinton, her Left Wing Socialist ideology, and her efforts to hide it.
    Hillary begins courting African Americans
  5. Against Hillary Clinton For President - The truth about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
    current: Hillary Clinton’s brother due back in court

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