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Friday, May 14, 2010

Obama's Problem Du Jour: Pakistan Muslim Terrorists

It might seem like President Barack Obama's current problem is his nomination of Elena Kagan, as she is being decried by conservatives. The reality both Obama's liberal tendencies, his supporters' patent agreement with his decisions, and conservatives tendency to dislike anything he does is nothing new. We saw this pre-election, both the liberalism, the swooning, and the opposing blind hate.

His problem of the day, apart from the constant issues of the economy, employment market and the non-stop Middle East war, is Pakistan's Taliban.

We are no longer a George Bush nation. Cowboy George has ridden off into the sunset, albeit out on the rails, but he is gone, and has been gone for something like a year and a half.

According to Reuters,
"Pakistani Taliban militants have warned America that it will soon "burn" while calling for Pakistan's rulers to be overthrown for following "America's agenda".
America's agenda is not Bush's agenda. It is Obama's. He owns this one. This doesn't mean anyone thinks the Taliban felt a warm thrill up their leg for Bush. They hated him. They hated America then.

Apparently, the non-love extends to Indonesia as well, where Islamic militants wanted to kill him.

Politically, a mess, of course, as Obama works hard to build a sense of trust so that he can negotiate with the terrorists.

Bigger than that, though, is America's safety, not to mention his own.

While the cowards among those Islamic terrorists are so convinced that no one in their right mind would accept their beliefs, they do try to proselytize through murder. Billy Graham and free will theology is hardly their MO. Obama is working to get beyond this, but is finding that when a group prone to killing, whose goal is to convert the world by force, is difficult, to say the least. He now knows what Bush knew and could not resolve.

Hopefully, Bush's failure will not be Obama's. Bush did, in general, after 9-11, keep America safe.

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