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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strange Glee in the White House With Tea Party Victory

Strange glee. The Tea Party crowd won an election in Kentucky. Rand Paul, Ron Paul's son won a primary. It made national news. Why are the Democrats happy?

Meanwhile, our dear President Barack Obama suffers from an all-time low approval rating (42%). While he has pushed the barely supported health care bill forward, nothing has changed. Life in 2010 is pretty much the same as the day before he entered office. He has another year to fix this, but that will come quickly. He cannot delay.

Are the Obama people really concerned Paul's modest victory represents something? Maybe not, but with the gust of wind which blew him into office now a mere breeze, they need to gather up the troops. Since part of the campaign for 2008 was reactionary, they want to grab the antiTea Party movement who do not realize one election in Kentucky is just that.

The Tea Party victory gives the Democrats something to threaten lapsed followers with. "Look, if you don't start lapping at out heels, Sarah Pail will be president. and you know she is not a feminist."

In other words, the antiTea Party movement's energy and fervor needs to be manipulated back into the Obama camp, otherwise the very deft and bright Hillary Clinton will use her increasing influence to steal away the 2012 election. She's already raising interest in her work in China, and her tough talk about Korea.

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