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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mitt Romney lists Jeb Bush as possible running mate

President Mitt Romney and Vice President Jeb Bush

Not sure what I think, but this is either a great move or a death knell to Romney.

Romney Lists Potential Running Mates (Forbes)

Bush carries the Bush name, which I think is, politically, unfortunate. Many people have turned against George W., and would not hesitate to fry Jeb. This includes Republicans.

Whether Jeb is such a liability, though, given the current not-so-conservative crop of Republicans, is hard to say. This could focus every conservative on the Romney campaign.

It is the kind of organization and teamwork Republicans are famous for, and Democrats sorely wish they had.

Also, it could give Jeb a national light, and if a Democrat wins in 2008, set him up for a winnable campaign in 2012. He would have four years, plus this campaign, to show why he is like George W, but only in the good ways, and his own man in the ways the anti-GW cult worships.

If the Democrats do well in the White House, Jeb, of course, can't win. With the edge of a Democrat downbeat at election time, in 2012, it might be a third Bush in the White House.

The Republicans know for 2008, they are the underdog. With many Republican candidates sounding more like Democrats than Democrats, they need a strategy to distinguish themselves.

The ball is in the hands of Democrats, but it is wobbly. As popular as Hillary Clinton is, with Barack Obama generating a lot of news, they also have been biting each other's back. Enough mud-slinging amongst themselves, and we will have President Romney. No one wants a president who fosters anger.

Will the public go for it? What do you think? Who represents the perfect pairing for each party?

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