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Monday, August 20, 2007

Lane Hudson's Love Affair With the Republicans

Lane Hudson, the same blogger whose name was involved in the Mark Foley homosexual page chasing scandal, is trying hard to become relevant. Afraid, apparently, of non-candidate Fred Thompson, Hudson filed an FEC Compaint that Thompson has broken FEC regs.


Forbes reported this. So did lots of media. My guess, cynically, is that Hudson either thinks his blog matters, that he matters, or, is just trying to stir up interest in his blog so that he can garner PayPal and Google clicks.

Full disclosure here: I have similar links. Google ads, when clicked, make me money. Ones on Hudson's site get him a few cents. A dollar donation gets either of us a dollar as well.

Is Hudson threatened by Thompson's success? If his goal isn't the almighty dollar, then why else would he bother?

Self-importance? It could be. That's my motivation.

Think of this: With a Republican in the White House, Rush Limbaugh has less interesting things to talk about. He's not Republican, but he might as well be one their campaign leaders. With Nancy Pelosi in office, Limbaugh has a bit more, as he does by yucking up his grief of the Democrats who are running for office.

Could be Lane Hudson, despite mattering less to Democrats than Limbaugh matters to Republicans, is a wannabe. A one trick pony which no longer even has that trick. Remember whats-her-name, that woman pretending to be an antiwar leader? Gone. Her one trick wasn't much of a trick. And that Chicago woman hunkered in a church so she wouldn't be deported (she was here illegally as a Mexican)? Gone. Hudson, having less to say, is still talking, and, soon, come around January 21, 2009, will have little new noise to toot.

He needs Republicans making big and little mistakes. When the next president takes office, it just will not matter. Not my blog either. Even if a Democrat is the winner of the big dance.

Blogs all over are talking about candidates and election. Most of our blogs are not read by more than a few hundred people. Hudson's name, thanks to outing Foley's pedophiliac actions, is known to the press. Milking this a little longer might just get his blog read by a few hundred more. Since most people, in my unscientifically proven belief, read only blogs that say what already think, I doubt it will make a difference. Not his blog, not my blog, not 1,000 other blogs.

Polls are, at this point, showing Hillary Clinton has locked up the Democrat primary. Polls change day to day, but so far, that's the story. Barack Obama is coming in strong. Among the Republicans though, the story is not as clear. If I were to believe what seems to be Hudson Lane's interest, I say he sees the Democrats worried in November 2008.

This does not change whether or not Thompson has or has not broken the law. I don't know. If so, whatever procedure is to follow should be applied.

As I say in a comment on Hudson's blog:

Rules are rules, and should be followed. If one person needs to follow them, they all should.

It had not occurred to me, until now, that although the Democrats have cleared the election to either Hillary or Barack, the Republicans lead runner is yet undeclared, and quite possibly their strongest hope against the Democrats.

I always felt Rudy, McCain, and the rest of the Repubs were lost in the water, but Thompson could be their ace in the hole. I thought this was the Democrats election to lose, but Thompson could make this a horse race.

We live in a free country. We've got the Constitution, the ACLU, the Nation of Islam, and Billy Graham all living well together. And we have bloggers who whine, and bloggers who post about bloggers who whine. We have the KKK, Archie Bunker, and David Koresh.

Well, there you go. Freedom. Thank God.

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