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Monday, August 20, 2007

Politicians Cash In, Cash Out as Authors

You already know this. Obama, Clinton, Giuliani, Edwards all have books making them piles of money. Some are already wealthy enough to easily cast a half million or more away to charity, a noble thing to do. Not one has yet to give the proverbial widow's mite, but every dollar helps.

Which brings me to a point. Why not consider (at least) for every dollar you give to support your candidate (including T-shirt purchases, books as well as donations), you support and equal amount toward the local homeless mission nearest your home? I'm doing that. And, at least 10% of whatever my blog makes will go to a nonprofit charity.

Top candidates profit from book deals (Yahoo.com story)

Search Books by Your Favorite Politician

Hillary Rodham Clinton

John McCain

Barack Obama

John Edwards

John Kerry

Mitt Romney

Bill Richardson

Jimmy Carter

Tom Tancredo

Dennis Kucinich

Mike Huckabee

Joe Biden

Chris Dodd

Rudy Giuliani

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