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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mudslinging: Why Democrats Are Bored With Hillary and Obama

As the pot calls the kettle black, and as the kettle is, in fact, guilty as charged, we see the desperate political shenanigans being played. Why? We're bored. Hillary Clinton knows it. Barack Obama knows it.

How can we tell? More Democrats are talking about Pat Robertson's support of Rudy Giuliani than they are of the positive attributes of their own candidate. Democrats are scared here. If a leading right winger, one that some of the religious world considers seriously can support a prochoice, progay guy who dumped a wife or two, then who will vote for them?

They are shaking - and deservedly so. All we were hearing from the Democrats is "We hate the war," and "We hate Bush." Boring. Give us more. Since most evangelical Christians will not support the very liberal Clinton or Obama, no one expected their vote. However, this Robertson thing has shaken everything up. He pragmatically sounds more like Jesse Jackson than Jackson does.

As far as pot is concerned, who Woody Harrelson support? Who is in his kettle of candidates?

Obama accuses Clinton campaign of mud-slinging with Novak column
San Francisco Chronicle
The Democratic presidential race burst into its angriest brawl yet Saturday when Barack Obama charged Hillary Rodham Clinton with mud-slinging "swift boat" politics and intimidation - an accusation the New York senator sharply denied and said ...

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@bdul muHib said...

I think this Robertson support for Giuliani could be wonderful news for Democrats- the end of the Republican Party. Oh, not like it stops- but it is immensely transformed. Not the first time. Remember the Democratic Party used to be called the Democratic Republican Party. If the Religious Right is now supporting the likes of Giuliani, if they are giving up on the sacred cow of abortion, then really, what are they standing for any longer? And if the Republican Party keeps it's name but becomes like the Democrats, than doesn't everybody win?

Well, everyone, accept those who believe that abortion is murder. But such ideas like that went the way of the first century Christians.