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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Best Speech

I have written my share of speeches. Yesterday's speech by Hillary Clinton was the best I have ever heard her give. The content was perfect: a balance of transfering power to Barack Obama mixed with Carl Sandburg-style patriotism. She sharply avoided specifics -- John McCain himself could have said much of it (minus a few digs at Republicans, of course).

Her poise was perfect, as was her delivery, staying away from the staggered phrasings that marked her own faled campaign. She dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit, good look for many late middle aged women, hitting the skin tones nicely in the bright DNC convention all lights.

She avoided mentioning the wealth of John McCain, knowing both she and Bill, as well as Obama, are about as well-heeled as it gets. Instead, she talked about unions.

One surprising thing was way she dissed Joe Biden's wife by indicating she would only have a minor support role.

All of those things she said in her campaign, like how little we know about Barack Obama, she apparently never meant.

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