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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Religion in an Obama Era?

Peter Roskam Speaks at Wheaton Academy
How to work in the real world without compromising your faith.
by Anthony Trendl
Chicago Tribune

Peter Roskam, a senator in Illinois most noted nationally for taking over Henry Hyde's spot, spoke at a high school today.
...Talking about his Glen Ellyn roots and path into politics, he also candidly described the basis for his prolife views in the context of remaining consistent with his Christian faith. His theme was ethics, and thinking long-term when it comes to career while not separating faith and vocation, that a Christian is a Christian no matter what the job at hand is.
I gotta admit, I hardly expected one Christian Republican to survive this election, with so many Democrats seeking the big O, but this one did. He's not shy or dancing around his faith. He's either making this stuff up, or an actual decent man. This isn't a diss at Barack Obama's religion, but BO is playing all of this close to his vest.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has her fans selling t-shirts.


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