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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Smoker in the Big House

I'm all for Obama smoking. He'll do more to restore RJ Reynolds than Bush could ever do. We need an advocate in the White House showing the world you can be fit and smoke. Smoking should be, and is, bipartisan entertainment. Men, women, old and young.

If McCain won, what a disaster! Sarah Palin runs marathons. Her health kick would continue to ruin the simple pleasure of sitting with a beer and a smoke while watching the game. Who wants a stick like her?

Obama's got kids, and they know he smokes responsibly. He's a good example, so when they decide to light up when they are 15 or 16, they'll be careful and choose only American smokes. Hopefully, he'll be able to curtail all that anti-tobacco crap the schools are feeding kids. Leave morality out of schools.

Everyone starts in high school. It is no big deal. Growing up with a smoker will strengthen their lungs, ready for every environment. Washington has pollution, but they'll be able to handle it.

This is a great day for freedom - for smokers - everywhere.

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