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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Al Gore's Son in Drug Bust & Ruins Dad's Chance to Be President

Al Gore III Mug ShotAl Gore's son ruined his chance for the White House. Simple as that.

Why Gore lost against George W Bush in 2000 can be argued all you want. Now, in 2008, Bush is not running, Hillary Clinton is being pushed by Republicans as too liberal, and Barack Obama is being smeared as too green. Al Gore has neither baggage, and was never married, so far I know, to Bill Clinton.

He could've been a contender.

Not so, says druggie son. He used no words. No, no. Al's son is a man of action. To send his message to Dad, he drive his car, the cops allege, over 100 mph, with drugs in the car.

Sure, his son is 24, and no longer Daddy's boy, but, anyone named Gore, outside of Leslie Gore (she was a 1960s pop singer for you kids), will impact the possibility of election. The fact that he is Al Gore III can't help.

Whether Al Gore ever intended to run is a something we can only speculate about, but, when compared to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, he may have been a real force. Now, no one outside of Woody Harrelson would want a drug-infested family in the White House. Even George Bush went sober.

What was in the dopehead's car?
  • Marijuana
  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Vicodin
  • Adderall

After having been busted with pot possession in December 2003, you would have thought Dad would say, "Now, son, when I said I wanted pharmaceuticals more available, I met for sick people, not you, you dumb ass."

I guess that message never sunk in. Normally, you might expect that story in a gossip blog, but, this is news which impacts November 2008.

What can you expect from a guy who grew up in a state where tobacco is a main crop? Pot, cigarettes? The difference must not be so easy for him. It could be he thought one drug was the same as the next. Not so. These drugs he was busted with will only ruin Al Gore II's chance to be president, while tobacco cigarettes will kill you.


@bdul muHib said...

I think this is a huge mountain out of a very tiny molehill. Marijuana is the least of the illegal drugs. We're not talking the coke that Bush used to do when he was Gore III's age. As for prescription drugs, they're the kind that either 1) you can get an addiction to after really needing them, or 2) you might need them for some real pain (like vicodin), and just borrow them from a friend 'cause you only need a couple of them.

Yes, he shouldn't have been smoking marijuana, along with the other 30% of the population, and yes, he shouldn't use drugs he doesn't have a prescription for, and he definitely shouldn't have endangered others by driving 100 mph. In a fair world, anyone caught driving under the influence should be imprisoned and they throw away the key, imo- it doesn't matter if they might one day be the next President. But this isn't a fair world, and lets therefore treat everyone the same- whether they are President, or are the son of a man who was elected to be President.

Resilient Hawk said...

True, but public opinion will not likely agree.

Al Senior is not Al Junior. Al Senior is about a good atmosphere, not about filling it with smoke.

The prescription drugs weren't one of two, but several, and mixed. How much? I don't know, but, apparently he did not have a prescription. Self-medicating, as I see it, is a dangerous path.

Was Al addicted ala Rush Limbaugh after a genuine malady, or just getting stoned?

I did not know 30% of the population smoked pot. I never have, even though I was surrounded by it as a kid. I never smoked anything, outside of the second-hand tobacco smoke which killed my mom.

As far as Bush is concerned, he did take some heat, but he was also lauded for kicking all of that. Not a good example for the kids -- but for anyone using, quitting should be congratulated.

Al Gore III may yet quit. Time will tell if he is a celebrity fallout, or if he can turn himself around.

Public opinion will struggle with a man whose family is messed up. Reagan hid his stuggles, the Carters' and Clintons' daughter seemed(s) steady. Bush Sr.'s kids eventually got it together. Bush Jr.'s daughters - the twins - seem to be milder versions of Gore's kid.

@bdul muHib said...

The 3o% is a rough number- I'm not sure what the exact number is. I know it's much higher if we're talking people under 35. But we're talking about people who have smoked pot at some point- not the amount who regularly do.

My impression of the Bush twins is that they're in a much worse place than Gore's son. But it's hard to compare the two.