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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Barack Obama's Biggest Problem

As we all know, Barack Obama's biggest problem is being the Barack Obama he has let others make him. He, of course, is the real Barack Obama, not the woodcut sliced from the imaginations of many (not all) of his flock.

You've the thrill seekers, the ones who love to be on a winning team, no matter what the candidate believes. They cheered when George Bush talked tough against bin Laden, but squirmed when Bush followed it up with action. They'll be sorry when Obama likewise reads all those secret reports on the bad guys and thinks, "Uh oh, I can't let that happen," and reinforces troops.

There is the crowd feels bad that being prolife means, to protect the baby's right to live, the mother's right to choose must take second place. With Obama, everyone's body wins (except for the baby's body, which gets tossed in a dumpster next to a cancerous piece of liver). No worries for them, since they probably voted for John Kerry.

You have the "he's black, and that's good enough for me," despite that the voter is actually conservative. They will be disappointed eventually.

Even the liberals will be mad, though, they prefer, "pissed off." Obama, despite looking like the most pro-gay, pro-abortion president we'll ever have, is also going to try to do his job intelligently, which entails not kowtowing to Planned Parenthood, NOW, Act-Up, and other special interest groups. If he does, he knows these groups will be, to him, no different that George Bush and oil.

Meanwhile, there's the media, largely pro-Obama. If all they do is publish are "I feel a thrill running up my leg" stories, they'll lose straight and intelligent readers. Obama looks clean, and dirt-free - and I hope he stays that way. Just the same, shady characters no doubt will infest the White House, affiliated with him. He'll be at fault by default, even if he had no knowledge of the matter. What happens then?

I hope he remains clean, leads well, and somehow reduces the deaths of soldiers (Iraqi, American, Palestinian, Israeli) and unborn babies.

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