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Friday, March 20, 2009

Jay Leno Plays the Straight Man, Barack Obama Does Not

In these days of manipulative media, from Rush Limbaugh to Jon Stewart, one thing is sure: If you want to be liked, you need to get on a talk show.

As some scrutiny finally kicks in by more serious media, Barack Obama campaigns on Jay Leno's show. Almost as good as Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, both masters of mugging the camera, we are seeing a new side of Obama: Love me tender.

Viewers might remark how much they love Obama, or are finding their love renewed. Drool? Droll? Either way, funnyman Jay Leno was clearly the straight man here tonight. He bent over backwards to appeal to Obama.

To Obama's credit, he is likable. John McCain lost the election, aside from Republican-hate and/or legitimately different views, because he was not as good looking or charismatic. It was Nixon vs Kennedy all over again. And Obama is smooth on camera. He has that cigarette commercial flair.

When the gloves finally come off, and intelligent deconstructions of what Obama is doing finally are not considered 'hating on my man', it will be interesting. When ObamaLove (t-shirts) moves to maturity, and his unified splendor runs cold (different t-shirt), what will have happened? A better economy? Freedom for Iraqis and the end of a war? Let's hope so.

How long before Obama's millions of lovers chase another man, and President Obama can get down to being president? He's bogged down by all of this, as necessary politically as it is. It could be worse, but John Kerry (who is much less funny) quit early.

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