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Friday, June 15, 2007

Home is Where the Wallet Is - Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Divide for Dollars in Chicago

Hillary Clinton, born in the upscale, posh burb of Chicago, Park Ridge, IL, and for her adult life, resident of Arkansas, and Washington DC. In the last several years, she has lived in New York, where she opened the northeastern branch of her campaign as NY State Senator.

So what's home?

Hawaiian-born Barack Obama, who lives in Chicago and is a former state senator. Hawaii.

So what's home?

Home is wherever is convenient, wherever has donors, wherever has voters. Home is, after all, wherever your heart is.

Where do they hang their hat? Whole nuther question.

Cynicism aside, they are here both to raise money. They'll need it for the next few months of increasingly heavy campaigning. Ad dollars are now needed to feed the so-called grass roots campaigns online, as well as all the usual media outlets.

Clinton, Obama Fight for Chicago
Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't ceding her one-time Chicago home turf to Illinois senator Barack Obama. Born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, she is relying on the help of the state's wealthy and connected. High-profile attorneys ...

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