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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What is a Moderate? Political term is not so clearly defined.

I took a peak at a blog that claims to be written by a self-defined moderate: The Beak Speaks: Hillary, Rudy and the blogosphere and you and wondered what makes a voter a moderate. A moderate might be considered centrist, but, then, what is that? It sounds like a comfortable position. I think of myself as a moderate, or, rather, I did, but, honestly, came to this designation as a result of finding myself holding positions that might contradict each other in a more extreme version.

To be in the center, does this mean:
  • Ambivalence toward some issues, and thus, neither left nor right?
  • Right on some issues, left on others?
  • Noncommittal, like often is with abortion- and death penalty-related questions, "Abortion/the DP is killing and I personally feel it is morally wrong, but sometimes OK when the father is a bad guy/the criminal is a nasty fellow."
  • A merger of both sides, like we might see in welfare-related questions?
  • Resigned compromise, realizing some issues can be won from a strong right or left position, while others must be given up as nonessential in order to win?
  • Merely not a member of a political party, being that magic swing vote?
  • Valueless, not really giving a rip one way or another, but preferring to appear as less careless?

I'll guess there is clarity here among students among political science, where terms are defined. I studied other things in college, so I am stuck trying to sort it out on my own.

Am I a moderate? I'll need to get back to you on that.

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beakerkin said...

Moderate is a relative term compared to whom you are standing with. If Nancy Pelosi stands next to Noam Chomsky she is a moderate, but to the rest of the nation she is out of the mainstream.

I am a social liberal who is pro America. This puts me between Newt
and Hillary. It isn't just one issue when one takes them in total one gets a clearer picture.

My audience is mostly to the right and far left, so it is relative.