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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lip Readers Hired at the White House Bar Learn Facts

Official White House paparazzi lip readers have transcribed this event kindly for us. Only a few words were heard.

President Barack Obama: Thanks for coming guys. I want you to know that at the White House, we, especially the Democrats, are down to Earth blue collar folks. (aside: Charles, could you bring us another?)

Henry Louis Gates: Thanks, Barry. We're old friends. You and I have shared a few good times.

BO: That we have. Hehe. That we have.

Sergeant James Crowley: Yeah, thanks Mr. President. As you know, I'm a Boston cop. We always vote Democrat. We really never consider anyone else.

BO: Glad to hear it. Hank, how's your book coming along?

HLG: Fantastic. Thanks to this whole episode, I'll be hitting the speaking circuit at a very sweet fee. This will help me with my summer home. How about you, Jimmy?

JC: No summer home. I'm a cop, remember.

HLG: You'll get one someday.

JC: How?

BO: Audacity of hope man!

JC: Hope? Based on what?

BO: I'm the president. I can take care of you.

JC: Running in 2012?

BO: Probably. How can I lose? Palm of my hand, baby.

HLG: I thought about running.

BO: You could use a few laps. I didn't want to say, but you are looking like a fat cat.

HLG: I mean for the presidency.

BO: Against me? You couldn't even beat Sarah Palin. Haha! I kicked Hillary down too.

JC: Thanks for that.

BO: Voted for me?

JC: Well, not so much for you, but against her.

HLG: Here! Here! And I thought people were just voting against Bush. Oh, man, this is good brew. Whoa, JC, did you do that? Man, that's nasty.

JC: Not me? Prez?

BO: Um...

JC: Dude.

HLG: Speaking of stink, what can we do about cash for clunkers? I have a 2008 Lexus I need to dump...

JC: Oh, that's yours? It is parked illegally out front. I gave you a ticket.

HLG: Great, There you go. Keeping the black man down! Do you know who I am?

BO: You don't mind if I have a smoke do you?

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