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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If Were President Obama, This Month I Would --

The New Poster of the Presidents of the United States (Pres. Obama included)
If I were President Obama, now that the Republicans will balance out the power --
  1. I would root out all the corruption I can, starting with Democrats. If he doesn't Republicans will. And it will be messy.
  2. I would avoid the temptaation of ramming bills through Congress to make them laws. If I said I believe in working across the aisle, I would actually work across the aisle. You are already fighting a George Bush-like image in this and your supporters will continue to lose respect if you do not bring real change to how the White House is done.
  3. I would add a Republican to the Cabinet. Maybe an independent also, one who is truly nonpartisan. You will win more support from moderates.
  4. Law low until the State of the Union speech. Work hard behind the scenes. You are fantastic at giving big speeches, but less impressive with the little ones. At the end of the day, remember you are not as gifted as Ronald Reagan when it comes to speaking on the spot. You aren't as bad as Bush was, but save your thunder. You can restore your whammy-image you enjoyed in 2008.
  5. I would stop my supporters from trashing Sarah Palin as a quitter, given his own role quitting the State of Illinois to run for president, and with, now Rahm Emanuel quitting his post mid-term to run for Chicago's mayor. It might be different, but only the most academic politics can explain the distinction.
  6. Really, really work to be less partisan.
Above: The New Poster of the Presidents of the United States (Pres. Obama included)

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