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Friday, February 15, 2008

Romney Will Be VP? Mitt Romney Supports John McCain

The news that Mitt Romney is endorsing John McCain means one thing to me: Romney is McCain's choice for vice president.

I can see it. McCain asked Romney to step down, and a deal was made.

With this, if true, any Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama arrangement will be very hard to imagine.

If the ticket is McCain/Romney, then the Clinton/Obama folks will have just lost the election in November. McCain will attract the moderate liberals who hate Hillary and are so-so for Obama. Romney will attract conversatives, since no one, deep down, buys into the "McCain is a true conservative" blather. Evangelicals will begrudgingly vote for McCain/Romney over Hillary/Obama. Only evangelicals who accept with Obama's prochoice/progay/anti-Iraq views will support him with another candidate.

Mike Huckabee is still in the race to keep it interesting. He is a just a sparring partner now, a foil to McCain's speech making. Take him out of the game, and the attention swings to the Democrats. He's probably in on the schtick, as he is far more sophisticated than the "He's a Huckster" crowd would naively like to believe.


@bdul muHib said...

I think a VP doesn't hold enough weight. This may well be the first election in modern times when the Democrat is the committed Christian, and the Republican is not (at least by his public expressions). This may sway many of the Religious Right, not finding what they want in McCain, and become Obamicans, because he shares their faith.

Anonymous said...

I think that John McCain definately should pick a conservative running mate. I personally think that Romney is a conservative, but since he was Governor of Massachusetts, and this is a liberal state, people may think he has been lying about his positions. I think Fred Thompson would be a safer pick for VP, since everyone knows he is a conservative.