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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Barack Obama Announces It's Official: He's Running for President

While the fact is that he is an Illinois Senator, voted in by people who trusted him to focus on serving Illinois and its interest, he announced today that he will be less focused on that commitment, and more on his desire to be president.

Joining Hillary Clinton, a Senator from New York, his attentions will be divided between his promise and his ambition to sit in the White House as the president.

I live in Illinois. Just when you think there's a leader, you find out he's not leading but only following his dreams.

I hoped better of Barack Obama. With Hillary Clinton, I knew she was running for president years ago, and do not live in New York. That she is running for president instead of giving 100% to NY hardly bothers me. New Yorkers knew this when they voted her in. The Clinton machine would not be denied. But, Barack, man, we thought when you ran for the Senate, you were serious.

This reminds of that coach who brought Northwestern University to the Rose Bowl a few years back. He said he signed a contract to coach NU, and that he would stay. Gary Barnett lied, naturally, and left soon after to coach in Colorado. Greed overtook him, and he conveniently broke his contract.

Why do politicians do the same thing? Why Barack Obama? I like the guy. Very likeable. But so is George Bush and Bill Clinton. For good sake, so is Newt Gingrich (I love his book reviews on Amazon). I even read that some people even like Osama bin Laden, and liked Saddam Hussein.

Ah, well, here we go again. It looked to me like Barack Obama was someone different, a rock star. Instead, he's just a roadie serving his own ambition.

Look here for the official press release from Barack Obama's people.

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