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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm Not Selling Out, Just Selling Politics

Pure capitalism here. Here's how it works. Click through this ad to Amazon.com. You see a product you like, either immediately, or, after searching a little. Doesn't matter what it is it. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, Bob Dylan, Britney Spears, iPod, Harry Potter, a widescreen TV. So long as you click here. Then, buy it. I get a cut. You pay the same. It is the same as if you bought from Amazon.com directly.

You might see other ads here, not just Amazon products. If there's anything vaguely valuable on this blog, or somewhat interesting, please support us in this way. I'm just a poor writer trying to make a buck while tossing in my two cents about issues I think matter in this world. And, occasionally, I'm right.

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