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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Barack Obama Faces More of the Same Tony Rezko Trouble

In the eking problem which will not go away, it seems that Barack Obama's claims to naivete are not quite true.

Obama's letters for Rezko: NOT A FAVOR? As a state senator, he went to bat for now-indicted developer's deal (Chicago Sun-Times)

"As a state senator, Barack Obama wrote letters to city and state officials supporting his political patron Tony Rezko's successful bid to get more than $14 million from taxpayers to build apartments for senior citizens.

"The deal included $855,000 in development fees for Rezko and his partner, Allison S. Davis, Obama's former boss, according to records from the project, which was four blocks outside Obama's state Senate district."

This may become another Bill Clinton problems. Bill's trouble wasn't that he was fooling around with White House slut intern Monica Lewinsky, but that he lied under oath. Politicians have never been known as people of character, so the dalliance he had with Monica was no big deal. Hillary (his wife) didn't care. Republicans pretended to, but it was the lie that caused him most grief, not the action he was getting.

Barack Obama's trouble in not infidelity. Seems to me that in this regard, he is a man of honor. It could be that, however, Rezko, mixed with the growing obviousness that Obama never intended to serve Illinois as Senator but as US President, that will cause him problems.

Hopefully, if it is truly a minor blunder, Obama will fess up and move. The only way voters will care in 2008 is if Rezko comes up with a blue dress.

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