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Monday, February 19, 2007

Does Bill Thrill More Than Hill?

Bill's raising money for Hillary. No surprise there. You would if you were the husband and former holder of the office she covets.

Why is this news? Bill's kept a polite political distance from Hillary until recently. Maybe he was concerned the light shining on him (both a bright light of happiness and the scorning light of distrust, depending on your favorite issues) would cast a shadow on her. It could happen.

He's stuck, though. What if he agrees more with John Edwards or Barack Obama? He seems more of an Obama guy to me, but what can he do?

Hillary, for now, leads the pack of all candidates, Republican or Democrat. She's his wife. While her lightening rod status for support may be equaled by a lightening rod of "anyone but Hillary" types, he will not be able to enjoy her campaign from an armchair, as I am able to do.

What does a young ex-president do? Go fly-fishing? Watch Simpson's reruns on FOX? Read the latest John Grisham novel? Bill's been active, and, in general, less partisan and divisive than he was as president. I admire that. Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon were known as a better ex-presidents than president. Carter never really shone while in office, and Nixon was a star before Watergate. Each, however, made (and Carter is still making) an impact of the global society.

With Hillary running, Bill's personal global initiatives, like the work he did with George Bush Senior, must take a backseat to what will be an enormously expensive and Democrat-focused campaign. Bill is not merely raising awareness of Hillary, but working to ensure the Democrats do not lose their White House chances, with or without Hillary.

It is too bad that, as Bill was just starting to get going with humantarian efforts, he is forced by family ties to stump. For the good of the Democrat Party, for GHillary campaign, and likely his marriage, he must press on and politick just a little more. Retirement and humanitarianism must wait. A company man is always a company man.

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